Monday, January 3, 2011

hope is in the air

I love spring time - the excitement of the weather getting warmer and the flowers beginning to bloom again. I don't know what is not to like about the season. Hopes are that this season will bloom more then years past (thanks to the recession).

The colors this season are reminiscent of the 70's. The bright vibrant hues bring excitement and a refreshment to the dull neutrals the economy brought. With the economic future unknown, consumers have been hesitant to buy anything but the "basics"- items they know will always be in style (like the classic white shirt or khakis). The new minimalism is color. As hard as it will be for me, I need to put away my prints and welcome in color blocking. Whether you are into color or not, look around and see the facelift regular items are getting around you. Everyone seems to be catching onto the hope that is in the air.

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