Wednesday, January 12, 2011

earth shaking fall forecast

The upcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 season brings the color palette down a notch from spring 2010. This season is all about mimicking our natural surroundings; minerals and different elements will be represented through color. The dull browns mirroring the dirt, combined with golden undertones reflecting off the fall trees, paints the perfect welcoming picture of fall. These soft comforting colors is just what the star of the color palette red needs; whether it is a dramatic crimson or a soft Tennessee soil, you cannot go wrong wearing this color next season. Red is a wonderful powerful color, but in large quantities it can appear harsh. so this season think about toning it down with a soft shade of blue. Blue and red are primary colors, which means a little bit of each of these colors will go a long way.

Photo taken by me and color palette taken from

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