Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life as the Color Palette

            Our natural environment provided an earthly foundation of inspiration for fall 2012, but this spring we just need to look at our everyday interactions for inspiration. Whether we find color inspiration through apps on our phones, icons on the computer screen, or just looking out the window at the street lights; we are overwhelmed by the color palette for spring daily. The combination of soft warm tones mixed with touches of high intensity colors are what we see so often that it seems to easy to call it the new color palette. This spring 2012 will be about being completely aware of your surroundings; making the ordinary colors you see everyday something you can't get enough of.

Photo from: my Iphone and color palette from by Pantone

Sunday, February 6, 2011


           Fall/Winter 2011 is about taking the "going green" syndrome and making it the background of inspiration for the season. This upcoming fall will be about emulating the natural surroundings of comfort and peace and embodying yourself with them. Wrapping yourself up in a coat that provides protection and warmth mimics the characteristics of a cocoon for the soon to be butterfly. The green movement is now represented, not just in the composition of the textiles, but also in the garment's structure. So, when picking out pieces for fall, keep in mind your surroundings and you will naturally be fashionable.
                                                           Photo from:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

exchanging the real and the fake

The fall/winter 2011 season is about embodying yourself with nature. This season is about mixing the real with the fake. We have seen this done before, with fur and faux fur, but this season, the change is through illusions that play with the eyes. Images of nature will be created through textiles - taking the outside elements of nature and using them to be the palette of inspiration for the season. We will see soft distressed leathers that will mimicking the dry cracked ground, as well as jacquard weaves that will directly correlate to the rivets on seashells. It seems that this fall, going green will no longer be just an action, but an accessory.

                                                            Photo from:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

earth shaking fall forecast

The upcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 season brings the color palette down a notch from spring 2010. This season is all about mimicking our natural surroundings; minerals and different elements will be represented through color. The dull browns mirroring the dirt, combined with golden undertones reflecting off the fall trees, paints the perfect welcoming picture of fall. These soft comforting colors is just what the star of the color palette red needs; whether it is a dramatic crimson or a soft Tennessee soil, you cannot go wrong wearing this color next season. Red is a wonderful powerful color, but in large quantities it can appear harsh. so this season think about toning it down with a soft shade of blue. Blue and red are primary colors, which means a little bit of each of these colors will go a long way.

Photo taken by me and color palette taken from

Sunday, January 9, 2011

battle of the sexes

        Spring has always been about girly silhouettes; silhouettes that are free flowing and whimsical. Of course this spring the fairy-tail dresses are included, but a dose of masculinity helps balance the season out.
         I think this season is about growth. Growth in the economy - from picking itself up off the ground and stepping forward; and growth in individuals becoming more independent and stable. The "I borrowed my boyfriend's clothes" look has been revamped and improved; the boyfriend has grown up and is now the husband. The masculine looks are comfortably polished. Jackets will be loosely tailored with casual cargo pockets, and the pants will only be fitted at the waistline and then hang straight down.        
          I am a very girly girl, but the mix of masculine rugged pieces help the delicate feminine pieces to stand out more. So do not worry or fret, this season is not about one particular silhouette, but a mix of the genders to create the perfect balance.

Photo from: Collezioni Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the new floral

The first thing I think of when I hear the word knit is fall or winter, but this spring is all about knits. Knits this season are created with a little more modernization. They are no longer are just appearing in bulky cable knit sweaters, but they are also woven together with a more light weight and free flowing feel to the body. This spring season, designers have combined color and knit to create unique motifs. Spring is more abstract this year with it's prints left up to the imagination as to what the design really is. I think the artistic side of textile design is making a comeback. So this season, it's out with printed on floral prints, and in with the mysterious knits.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

hope is in the air

I love spring time - the excitement of the weather getting warmer and the flowers beginning to bloom again. I don't know what is not to like about the season. Hopes are that this season will bloom more then years past (thanks to the recession).

The colors this season are reminiscent of the 70's. The bright vibrant hues bring excitement and a refreshment to the dull neutrals the economy brought. With the economic future unknown, consumers have been hesitant to buy anything but the "basics"- items they know will always be in style (like the classic white shirt or khakis). The new minimalism is color. As hard as it will be for me, I need to put away my prints and welcome in color blocking. Whether you are into color or not, look around and see the facelift regular items are getting around you. Everyone seems to be catching onto the hope that is in the air.

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