Sunday, January 9, 2011

battle of the sexes

        Spring has always been about girly silhouettes; silhouettes that are free flowing and whimsical. Of course this spring the fairy-tail dresses are included, but a dose of masculinity helps balance the season out.
         I think this season is about growth. Growth in the economy - from picking itself up off the ground and stepping forward; and growth in individuals becoming more independent and stable. The "I borrowed my boyfriend's clothes" look has been revamped and improved; the boyfriend has grown up and is now the husband. The masculine looks are comfortably polished. Jackets will be loosely tailored with casual cargo pockets, and the pants will only be fitted at the waistline and then hang straight down.        
          I am a very girly girl, but the mix of masculine rugged pieces help the delicate feminine pieces to stand out more. So do not worry or fret, this season is not about one particular silhouette, but a mix of the genders to create the perfect balance.

Photo from: Collezioni Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

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